Thursday, January 3, 2008

Introducing: Bead Clusters!

Check out my new line of bead clusters!

The one at left, called Queen of Halifax Bead Cluster, is for sale right now in my store. The one at right, as yet unnamed will be listed tomorrow. Yep, another sneak preview for my loyal readers. :)

Bead clusters are fun little amalgams of different colors, shapes and textures of beads that create an interesting and fun adornment. They look beautiful hanging from a chain but also make unique key chains, zipper pulls, and decorations for purses, cell phones and more. I created the design as a Christmas present for my aunt. The one I made for her was red and black, and she lives in Nova Scotia, hence the title of the first piece. You can own the Queen of Halifax Bead Cluster for just $10! If you want a chain included, I can work that out with you. Just contact me for details. :)

Now, go shopping to find more great pieces!

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