Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Interview with simplepleasuressoaps

Today we're learning a bit about simplepleasuressoaps!

1. Introduce yourself.
Hi my name is Krysta Kwasnycia and I am a 30 year old stay at home mother of 3 from a small town outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I recently became owner of Simple Pleasures Soapworks after a good friend of mine was going to shut down the business. I thought what a shame. I had been using and absolutely loving her products, that I couldn’t imagine not having them available not only to myself, but for the many customers she had accumulated over the years. I approached her about buying Simple Pleasures from her and a few months later in December of 2007 I became the owner.

2. Tell me about your product. When did you start making it and why?
I make handmade bath and body products. Everything (except my goat milk soap based products) is made 100% from scratch. I started using handmade soaps and lotions about 4 years ago after the birth of my daughter. I developed eczema and my skin was very dry and itchy. I started using handmade soaps and within couple weeks, I could dramatically notice the difference in my skin. When the opportunity came along to own Simple Pleasures Soapworks, I could not resist. The thought of making products I truly believe in and love was very exciting.

3. What makes your items different from others?
My products contain only the highest quality ingredients and are made fresh by me in small batches. This ensures quality to my customers.

4. Who is your biggest inspiration?
My children & my husband.

5. Why did you decide to start selling what you make?
When the opportunity came to purchase Simple Pleasures Soapworks, I was at a point in my life where I needed something more. I had always worked up until having children and now that my twins are almost 3 and my daughter almost 5, I have more free time on my hands to make that happen. I love having something of my own again. Making and selling my products gives me the freedom to be with my family as well as the interaction with the outside world again.

6. Do you sell any where else?
I will be selling at our local farmers market when it starts up this spring. I cannot wait!

7. Anything else?
Thank you so much Brigid for giving me this opportunity to tell your readers a little bit about myself and my company.

Thank you, Krysta! Go visit her shop.

Monday, February 25, 2008

And heeeeeere's LaurieRyan!

Today's interview is with Etsian LaurieRyan. On with the show . . .

1. Introduce yourself.
Laurie Ryan age 55 I think. Well it changes every year. I live in Norfolk VA. Started my shop last summer around June I think.

2. Tell me one odd/interesting fact about yourself.
Everything is odd about me, ha aside from being retired and all.

3. Tell me about your product. When did you start making it and why? What makes your items different from others?
I'm a photographer, I prefer to be called An Art in Nature Photographer as I capture the beauty in nature. I've always loved photography. I loved using cameras starting with my old browie box camera. I feel life rushes by us so fast taking images is a way of hanging on to the memories. People tell me I have a really good eye for finding just the right angle.

4. Who is your biggest art/craft inspiration?
Ron Marotia, he taught me to if nothing else to keep on trying.

5. Why did you decide to start selling what you make?
I retired from my full time job and wanted something to do with my time.

6. Do you sell any where else?
I do art and craft shows all over the Tidewater area of VA and I have some of my images in consignment stores around the area.

7. Anything else you'd like to tell me?
I love dogs and love taking their pic. They are very challenging.

Thank you, Laurie! Now go visit her store.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Interview with 3dots

Today, I present to you 3dots. Click on each photo for a link to the item's listing.

1. Introduce yourself.
Hi! My name is Lucie Veilleux, i'm 26 years old and I live in Compton, Qu├ębec (Canada). I joined Etsy as a seller on January 19 2008.

2. Tell me about your product. When did you start making it and why?
I make modern wood jewelry. I started making these this summer just for fun. As far as I remember, I've always been a crafty person. I'm always trying to create new things and these seems to catch people's attention.

3. What makes your items different from others?
I think the fact that they are so simple and modern make my jewelry different. Also they are made of wood which gives them a little something.

4. What/Who is your biggest inspiration?
I'm really into modern Art and I enjoy architecture and contemporary interior design a lot. All kind of geometric and linear shapes are very attractive to me. I studied Arts in college and it really helped me finding my own style.

5. Why did you decide to start selling?
I've decided to sell my jewelry after having a lot of comments and compliments about my necklaces. People didn't know I was making them myself, so when they did, they wanted to buy them from me. Then, I randomly discovered Etsy and joined in!

6. Do you sell any where else?
I sell some items to people I know and at my friend's hairdressing salon.

7. Anything else?
I just hope that even more people get to know Etsy, it's such a great place to find unique products made by unique artists!

Thank you so much, Lucie. Don't forget to check out her lovely shop.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

New item and stuff

I posted a new item yesterday FINALLY. It's my Gothic Princess Bracelet, and I am madly in love with it. It's just elegant and fun and edgy and cool. I'm thinking of making a matching necklace, though I'll have to wait until I can afford more supplies for it. Go see it and my other 27 listings in my shop.

I also wanted to share this necklace I made for a swap on Swap-Bot a few weeks back. The responses I got from it were really positive, so I'm thinking of making similar ones to sell in my store. What do you all think? Would you buy a piece of jewelry with a book pendant? I have several different ideas in mind for the book, which I will share once they're ready for broadcasting.

Tomorrow, my love and I will sign the lease on our new, larger apartment, complete with a spare bedroom. Well, not spare for long. My craft stuff and our computer will inhabit it as soon as we're all moved in. I will make sure to share workspace pictures once they involve more than me on one end of the sofa with a lap full of findings. :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Presenting . . . StampinJen

I'm doing interviews with other Etsians every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Today we have (cue fanfare) StampinJen. (Click each picture to be taken to the item's listing.)

1. Introduce yourself.
Jennifer, age 39, (from) Little Suamico, WI-north of Green Bay, started my ETSY shop on 12/16/07.

2. Tell me about the products you sell.
The products I sell are all created with rubber stamps. My goal is to create my form of art that reaches outside of greeting cards and scrapbook pages to ideas and gifts for the home, work and classroom. I like to think I create a little something for everyone.

3. When did you start crafting and why?
Started stamping in 2002 as a way to spend time with my sister, now it's my addiction!

4. What makes your items unique?
My items are unique in that I am always looking for new ways to use rubber stamps and accessories in my art. It's important to me that I love what I create before I consider it something that others may want!

5. What is your biggest art/craft inspiration?
My biggest art inspiration is anything that gives me energy...a beautiful item in nature, the sights and sounds of a big city, or the sound of beautiful music.

6. Why did you decide to start selling?
I did my first craft show in November 2007 and had a lot of success. Many of my customers encouraged me to sell online.

7. Do you sell any where else?
Occasional craft shows and an antique mall in Appleton, WI.

8. Anything else?
I love doing custom orders as they really encourage me to think outside the box. My cards often display specialty techniques or patterns to make a hand-made card almost a gift in itself.

Thank you so much, Jennifer! Go check out her shop. :)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Robyn's Nest

I'm going to do a series of features on other Etsy sellers over the next couple of weeks, so without further ado, I present Robyn's Nest! Click on each picture to be taken to the item's listing.

1. Introduce yourself.
Robyn, age 31, from Houston, Texas; shop opened January 2008 (but Etsy member since August '07)

2. Tell me about what you make. When did you start crafting it and why?
I make accessories (mainly brooches and clips) completely by hand. I combine a lot of different techniques like crochet, embroidery, and fabric folding. I also love to work with different materials, like wool felt, fabric, buttons, and beads.
I've been crafting as long as I can remember. During "play time" in kindergarten, I was always at the art table!

3. What/Who is your biggest inspiration?
My mom is probably my biggest inspiration. She has always been an amazing seamstress and made a lot of my clothes when I was a wee girl. She even helped me make my first blouse from a pattern recently.

4. Why did you decide to start selling?
My good friend Tara has been on Etsy for a long time (check out paperspoon and buttoncollective, a couple of her shops), and she had been nudging me towards opening my own shop for a while! I finally got organized and decided to try selling!

5. Do you sell anywhere else?
Nope...only Etsy so far! I wanted to start small and see what happens!

6. Anything else?
Thanks so much for highlighting the work of independent crafters like me! You rock!

I'd like to thank Robyn for submitting to my interview. Please go check out her lovely shop!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm back again

Good grief, I am again the worst blogger ever. Sheesh. Forgive me, please?

The biggest news going on in my little craft world is that I will sell at the Cleveland County Creative Craft Fair March 29 with a group of amazing, fellow Etsy sellers. They make some truly amazing things, so I hope any or all of you in the general area (I'm talking clear up to St. Louis and down to DFW, now!) will come check us out. It's free to get into.

In blog new, I am lining up sellers to feature over the next few weeks to get my blog back on the ball. Honestly, I don't know what happened to me. I'm a bad momma. I hope they don't take my blog away from me!

In personaly news, I have been struck down with the flu. I spent the past week sick as a dog and quite a bit poorer after purchasing the anti-viral medicine. Ick. The flu is nasty stuff, guys. I had/have the strain prevented by the flu shot, so those of you wise enough to prevent this crap should feel very glad of the fact. I, however, am totally phobic about needles, so there's no way I'd ever get the shot. I'll just have to be more careful next year.

Look for an interview with a great Etsy seller next time, and I'll be introducing another new product very soon! Oh, the anticipation. :)

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