Saturday, February 6, 2010

My illustrious acting career

You may or may not know that I did a good amount of acting as a youngster. I wasn't in anything big and famous, but if you lived in Tulsa in the early '90s, you may well have seen me in a local commercial (or four), a video at St. Francis about getting your tonsils removed, or a church video that featured Carman concert footage. I also did voice work in a couple of informational cartoons, one for the United Way and one on fire safety. My biggest claim to fame, however, was most certainly my starring turn in a music video by Bruce Carroll and Ricky Skaggs. I have a beat-up VHS copy that I've been hoping would last through the years. Various Google search turned up nothing -- until today. Some wonderful person has put my music video on YouTube! If you can't watch the embedded video below, then click here.

My dad played the homeless man, and the dog was my actual pet, Belle. I think I was 7 when we made this video. I bawled before we shot the last scene when they told me what would happen. Oh, and for the record, those were my own clothes. I picked out all my favorite outfits to bring to the shoot. Don't judge.

If I find any of my other work, I'll post it here, too. Happy watching!


lagirl/sweet tea said...

It doesn't surprise me a bit that you were a VERY CUTE little girl, "cause baby, look at you now"! No foolin', loved the video and loved the song, as well as the message. So glad I got to see this!

Robin Thomas said...

I am so glad you found that. I t si so good. You were really good in it. Loved it. Precious, really. How sweet to have that video with your dad and doggy. I really enjoyed it.

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