Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Employed again

I started my new job yesterday. It's going well, and I'm happy here. However, my office is a big, beige, blank slate. The lighting is a little inadequate, and my walls, desk and bookshelves are crying out for some TLC. I already have my lovely painting from Audrey Eclectic, my pincushion-turned-wrist-rest from Noodle Salad, my handmade mug from Forever Tuesday, and my coaster from Mason Designs. I need to buy a calendar, datebook and tissues as well as bring some more photos. Everything else I want to make myself. This is a short list of things I want to create:

  • Pillow for my desk chair and other chair
  • Pen holder
  • Paper weight
  • Some kind of wall art
  • Decorated lamp

That's all I can think of for now. So, who has some ideas, advice or links to share? I need inspiration!

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Robin Thomas said...

A rug and a lamp. I always love that in an office. Enjoy your new job, congratulations on it!

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