Saturday, July 17, 2010

Anne Boleyn necklace

If you are my friend on Good Reads (and please become one here) or ever click over on my widget on the right, you've probably seen several Anne Boleyn and Tudor books. In fact, I have a whole category of them ("those crazy Tudors," with 11 completed in 2010 alone). Like many others, I'm sure, I got caught up in Tudor history by the Showtime series, which I added to my Netflix queue on a whim. While I enjoy the show, I was absolutely captivated by the character of Anne Boleyn. Natalie Dormer's portrayal of her remains my favorite and, I believe, the most honest. I've since watched Anne of the Thousand Days (which I also read) and The Other Boleyn Girl (which I will begrudgingly read at some point). I also read five different biographies on her as well as three novels and one book on all the queens. And my list is still growing.

So, as any good Anne fanatic and crafty chick, I decided I must possess her famous B necklace, and more importantly, I must make it myself. There are many portraits of Anna Bollina, but this one remains my favorite and the one I consider most likely to be representative of her:

See the lovely pearls and the B? Since my first name starts with a B, recreating it couldn't be more perfect. I decided to alter the color scheme lightly because I already have a string of (fake) creamy white pearls. Instead, I opted for this silvery grey color of glass pearls so they would still go with pretty much anything. Here is my attempt to copy her smile in the portrait whilst wearing the necklace:

A better shot of the entire thing:

And proof that I'm an Anne-loving goober:

I'm incredibly happy with the result. If anyone else out there is a Tudors fan -- or just wants a fancy-ish initials necklace -- I would be happy to recreate one for you. Hit me up to discuss pricing.

And if you are a Tudor-history buff, who is your favorite figure? I still have a lot of reading to do, but besides Anne, I'm intrigued by the evil Thomas Cromwell and Catherine Willoughby, Duchess of Suffolk, who married Henry VIII's best friend Charles Brandon, the Duke of Suffolk.


Robin Thomas said...

I love that necklace and Anne of course. I loved the Phillpa Gregory book. It is very well done and I promise is not a romance novel. They make the book cover look like that. I didn't like reading it in public for that very reason. Oh do read it. Love your work!

Anonymous said...

The necklace is beautiful, making it a perfect accessory for its owner...

Holly Embry said...

I already told you on facebook that the necklace is gorgeous. But what I didn't say is that you look TINY in these pics. Your diet renovation is working wonders, girl!

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