Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Gold Cure

I was all ready yesterday to post my new, fall-inspired bracelet, but my acid reflux got the better of me. Instead, I stayed home, ate Multigrain Cheerios all day, and tried to heal. BUT my new item, The Gold Cure, is now up and ripe for the buying!

The colors of this bracelet really pop, and they look beautiful on any skin tone, even super yellow ones like mine. Plus, $2 of the $12 price will go directly to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. You don't have to love pink to show your support!

Back to my earlier comment about staying home sick yesterday. I, sadly, do not have the right equipment to upload pictures to my home computer. Pathetic, I know. So, the only days I can update are work days UNLESS I remember to put my pictures on Flickr or Photobucket, which I haven't done lately. I have three new items to post soon, though, and I intend to to upload them properly. Keep checking out my store as I add new fall items!

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