Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I'm not sure if it was the trip to Santa Fe, the 18 straight day of rainfall, or just the end of a creative rut, but I've been feeling inspired lately. I see, hear, touch, smell things that make me way to dig my hands into a new project. Unfortunately, I'm in the midst of a really busy time of year. By the end of May, I will have done two big craft shows, taken two vacations, celebrated my mom and boyfriend's birthdays, celebrated Mother's Day, started play rehearsals, submitted half a dozen or more grants for work, gone to way too many meetings, and celebrated our third dating anniversary, as well as all the regular, mundane stuff. When I get stressed, I bake. When I get inspired, I want to craft. Here's what's been inspiring me lately.

In Santa Fe, I fell in love with almost everything inside the Selby Fleetwood Gallery. This piece is called Ragamuffin, and it's by Rodney Hatfield, an amazingly inventive and expressive artist. The scan doesn't do the texture, the emotion, the life of it justice. This piece took my breath away.

I literally gasped when I saw the full-size Crane Unfolding by Kevin Box at the same gallery. I'm probably more in awe of sculptors than any other artist based on sheer skill. The way Box uses bronze and makes it look like paper blows my mind.

Anyone can glue a flower to a hair clip, but Myra Kim of Twigs & Honey hand cuts each petal and stitches them together. Wow! Her work is just exquisite, and I hear tale of many satisfied brides wearing her handiwork down the aisle.

And on the topic of weddings, this coverage was just beautiful. I think I'd be a terrible wedding photographer, but it does make me want to break out my digital camera again.

So that's what has me all excited to whip out the fabric and beads as soon as I can. Major crafting may have to wait until June, but as soon as I have time, I'm going to try my hand at some new stuff. You know I'll post pictures!


Heather said...

THere's nothing like a trip to the beautiful southwest to get you inspired. I went to arizona last year and was so inspired by the southwest religious art. Im going back in a couple of months and cant wait!
I think busy times, for some reasons, are when you're most inspired. Not sure why that is?

Estela said...

you're a busy lady! I hope you find the time to create!!
If I were a bride I would want something from twigs & honey to sport!

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