Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Extra, extra!

Yesterday was a long, hot, grueling day, but I wouldn't change it for the world! We little Okies have been graced with a real Hollywood movie crew in recent months, complete with a fantastic director (Michael Winterbottom of A Mighty Heart) and big-name (Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, Simon Baker), big-talent (Casey Affleck, Ned Beatty) stars. Yesterday, they made their way to downtown Tulsa, and I was lucky enough to be cast amongst the extras. We all showed up around 10 a.m., ladies with their hair in rollers. After a few hours of waiting around and making small talk, we were transformed via hair, make-up and wardrobe. Here is my end result:

And here's a close-up of my face:

I loved the I Love Lucy hair and gorgeous lipstick! Would you believe I rolled my own hair? I thought I would make a horrible mess of myself, but the stylist said I did the best job. She, of course, styled it into place and crunchified it with copious amounts of hairspray, but I was still proud of my early-morning battle with foam rollers.

The shoot was a truly interesting experience, but it was thoroughly tiring. We spent about 8 hours walking back and forth up a few blocks of downtown in 90-something heat, ill-fitting shoes and three layers of undergarments. How did ladies ever breathe in the '50s? All the girdles and belts must have kept them thin by preventing overeating. :)

For those interesting in star sightings, I did stand mere inches from Mr. Affleck. He was good-looking and polite, though you could tell he was tired, too. I also spied Mr. Beatty and the wonderful director, of course. Did you know he's British? Loved the accent.

So that was my experience. As much as I enjoyed the dolling up and star spotting, I'm glad to be off my feet in my air-conditioned office today!


GemsByEm said...

BRIGID! I love it! You look awesome!

Anonymous said...

Brig, your eyes are amazing in this picture! Lucky you, Casey was always my favorite Affleck.

Holly Hall - Sweetheartville said...

You look beautiful! What a great experience.

Anonymous said...


Funkybella said...

Oh wow! You do look right out of the 50's! That's amazing!
What a great experience.

ps - Simon Baker is yummy.

SheezKrafty said...

How much fun!?!?! You look smashing, m'lady!

Adrian said...

You're gorgeous! Love the whole thing :)

Renee said...

How fun! You look great. Can't wait to see the movie for a little I spy Brigid!

lagirl/sweet tea said...

What a fun experience!!
We're gonna have so much fun watching the movie and spying you. So glad you posted the photo. You look so glam

Estela said...

how fun!! I guess the part they filmed here yesterday was him driving up and down our downtown in a sheriff's car.
you look great!!! I hope I see you in the movie :)

[Tara] said...

Brigid!!! That is so awesome -- and you look adorable!! What fun!

offlogic said...

Your photo looks so much like Donna in my earliest recollections that it just isn't funny.
I know how you might take that, but still, the "I Love Lucy" angle is there, and Donna lived it. The facial resemblance is there too (quiver with fear if you must!).

Heather said...

awesome! you look so cute! You should totally dress that way at Indie ;) you could sign autographs. This will be a story you'll tell your grandkids!

Hollyrocks said...

It's good to see that you were just as beautiful in the 1940's as you are presently. :-)

That sounds like a very exciting experience. So even when you were at your very most uncomfortable moment, you never regretted signing up for this? I bet it was very trying, but still an experience worth having for sure. Thanks for sharing the details. I'm more on the theatrically-challenged side and have enjoyed living vicariously through you.

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