Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday

It's that time of the week again!

1. Long weekends. Kind of a gimme, huh? That's all right. My love and affection for Fridays off bounds beyond cliche. What shall I do on my day off? Anything I want!

2. So You Think You Can Dance? Some people go ga-ga for American Idol. I, however, get totally sucked into this reality show. Is it my disappointment at being a mediocre dancer, my love of the craft or my moth-to-the-flame response to the phrase "dancing for their lives"? Oh, probably a mixture of all three.

3. Custom orders. I just completed one I've been working on for a while. Now I can't wait for another one!

Happy Holiday weekend, everyone! Don't blow up any body parts you'd rather keep. I promise to do the same. :)


SheezKrafty said...

I am totally hooked on SYTYCD! I used to only watch the tryouts but this season has me sucked in!!! Lots of talented ones!

[Tara] said...

So You Think You Can Dance is the best!!!! Have a wonderful 4th! Are you guys sticking around the complex to watch fireworks? Maybe I'll run into you!

Carolina Elizabeth said...

I didn't notice that you were in Tulsa. It is nice to see another fellow Oklahoma blogger on the World Wide Web. I love your Etsy. Kudos on the fun blog! I am here in Oklahoma City, "The City", as some call it. I wish there was as much going on here as there is in Tulsa. I might just not be getting out as much as I should to find out. Anyways come to my blog for a visit. I hope you enjoy. Thanks for sharing some great fun stuff.

Heather said...

hey movie star! Thanks for coming out to the show on Friday! I appreciate it!~

janet said...

Thankful Thursday is such a nice idea.

Hollyrocks said...

I love custom orders too. They're my favorite. What did you make?

I can get into the dancing shows too. They get me all pumped up. I love to watch them while I'm working out. It's like the energy of the dancers is somehow transferred to me via the telly. :-)

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