Sunday, March 21, 2010

Garden Week #3

Gee, Brigid, your garden is looking a bit . . . funny . . .

Well, the first day of spring brought a very special gift of snow and sleet, so I had to move my tender baby plants indoors to shield them from the sub-freezing temperatures. Please try to ignore my apartment's terrible lighting and focus on the lush greenery of my container garden!

I can't believe how much my arugula has taken off! Refer to this post for comparison. And wait, what is that I see?

Tiny spinach sprouts! It'll be salad time before I know it. There's still no considerable change with the taters or the bloobs, but my fingers are still crossed.

I hope you're all keeping warm this weekend! The hideous weather, which came in on the tails of the year's most glorious 70-degree day, rescheduled Saturday's UnBirthday Party for Friday night instead. Mark your calendars, because it's still going to rock your world!


Holly said...

I think your garden looks lovely, even if it is spending some time inside your warm home. Your mention of spinach made me want to eat some for dinner tonight!

Sweet Tea said...

Glad you were able to salvage your garden - great advantage having a Container Garden! It has even snowed & sleeted here, but nothing has stuck; still it's cold and windy. Brrrr! Hope you have beautiful weather for your rescheduled party!!

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