Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New poll

Hey friends!

When you get a chance, please pop over to the upper right side of my blog to vote in my poll. I'm considering starting a second blog to focus this one more on art, crafting and things of that nature. But first, I wanted to see what my readers like about my current blog so I don't relocate content you enjoy. The poll closes on Friday, so if you could give me your opinion this week, I'd greatly appreciate it. Please check all answers that apply.

Thanks for your help!

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Holly said...

It looks like voting is closed, but I was going to vote for "Recipes" if that helps you at all. Good luck on the new blog venture!

And to answer the question you asked on my blog, I *think* moss terrariums would survive in artificial light. My rationale is that when we toured a cave in Eureka Springs, we saw moss growing underground. There was absolutely no sunlight, but it was growing near the lights used to illuminate the walkway. That's only a guess though.

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