Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Garden Week #4

I have excitement from the ol' garden!

First and foremost, MY POTATOES ARE GROWING! (Yes, caps were necessary.)

Aren't they beauteous? I need to plunge my hand in there to figure out how big they're getting. The plants are sure looking sturdy.

There hasn't been much change with the blueberry plant, so no picture.

The trough-like container is flourishing, for the most part. My poor little basil is not enjoying the insane, gale-force winds we've been experiencing. I'm hoping he'll rebound. The mint and parsley are doing well. The arugula is crazy. I've eaten from it twice, and look how bushy it is.

My cilantro seeds are adorable sprouts:

As are my spinach seeds:

And look at my first two snapdragon blossoms! Apparently this plant makes white flowers.

Here's the whole patio area in the way I've rearranged it.

I also bought some marigolds and two tomato plants (Supersweet 100 cherry tomatoes and brandywine, an heirloom slicing variety) to put in the other trough. I plan to put them in this week and then add another tomato plant that I will purchase from Herb Day on Brookside, coming up on April 10.

I still need to plant a couple of squashes (I'm thinking zucchini and pattypan) and my carrots, but I fear I may need to acquire another container. Methinks another trip to Atwoods is in order.


janet said...

Brigid, everything is coming along nicely, it looks great! I can't wait till I can get going here. I started my peppers and tomatoes indoors and they are up, but tiny.

Holly said...

How NEAT, Brigid! Everything looks so wonderful. I'm hungry right now as it is, but now I'm craving all kinds of delicious herbs and veggies. Oh, and I love Atwoods. I had never been to one before, but we live right by one now and they always send us their ads. We took a trip last weekend, and I fell in love. I have a feeling they'll be absorbing lots of our tax money if it ever gets here.

Holly Hall said...

It looks great! It's amazing what can be done in a small space when we put our minds to it.

It's funny, I was just in the shower thinking about you (don't read anything weird into that--it's because I was using your yummy scrub ;)) and thought, "I need to go check in with Brigid on her blog", when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a comment from you!

And to answer your question, yes, Jeremy's Grandma and PawPaw find lots of Morels in Northwest AR. I've even been hunting with them once, but I've never seen any over here in OK.

Anonymous said...

The garden is looking fantastic!

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