Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Baby crafts

I know I promised sewing pictures, and I will deliver. I am a little embarrassed to admit, however, that I've only completed two things from the course, and they are cloth napkins. I've been too busy, sadly, to devote more time so far. However, that will soon change. Instead, I bring you a couple of baby gifts I made recently.

Two of my coworkers are expecting little girls this October, and last week was baby-shower time. Below is what I made for my more immediate coworker: a hat and booties!

If the booties and the color scheme look familiar, it's because they are borrowed from a gift I made for my friend Kayla last spring. The hat is based on a pattern I found (and have since lost) online, though I did it with my own color scheme and added the girly trim. The Mary Jane booties pattern is here. They are dead easy and lightning fast, so I recommend them for any crocheter in the mood for some instant gratification.

The second gift I did was technically a sewing project and heavily inspired from my sewing class. However, since it's all hand stitched, I can't really claim it towards my goal of learn to use my sewing machine. Nonetheless, I'm in love with it.

Bunting! Here's a close-up of the D:

And the A:

just so you can get a feel for it. Isn't it precious? The only supplies are felt, embroidery floss and grosgrain ribbon. It was quicker to put together than I expected and required WAY less felt than I expected, so if you are interested in bunting of your own in brown and pink, let me know. :)

I will be back into the swing of regular posting soon. Sorry for my absence!


Anonymous said...

Super cute!!!!

Robin Thomas said...

OMG, so cute. I would have no idea how to make that hat or booties. I never can figure out crochet, and I try routinely! Good for you. Hope all is well.

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