Sunday, November 7, 2010

Indie Emporium 2010 recap

I've been remiss in posting a recap of Indie Emporium so far. My apologies! I've been busy, plus I was waiting for fashion show pictures to share. I have some, so excuses are gone.

Here's a photo of my booth on Day 1:

I tried out some new display stuff this time. Instead of my boring cream tablecloth, I threw down a thrifted sheet that I think was fun. On the far right is a small set of shutters that helped me display my new Murano glass pieces. The white busts in front did the same thing. Next to it is my favorite chest with rings displayed plus a new smaller chest I used for my earrings. The trays and busts are old, and you've probably seen the standing display before, but never with my scarves. I'm so happy with how they turned out! I sold two of the six I brought (only five are featured here because one wasn't quite ready for primetime until the following day).

Also, I'm a nutter, so I dressed up as Super Brigid: Crafty Crimefighter that night:

These are my angry eyes:

It's really the silver mesh cape that keeps evil-doers at bay:

The boots were thrifted for a few bucks, the pants are actually workout pants I won from Self Magazine, the top is my ballet leotard, and the cape is a scrap I have from when I was selling scrub gift sets. Fun!

The next day, I rearranged slightly to show off the scarves better:

I also dressed up again, this time as a red-hot member of the Red Hat Society:

That's commitment. Here I am behind my booth that day:

Then the evening rolled around, and the fashion show hit the runway. I modeled for three designers. Up first was OK Tees. I can't share this photo because it's protected, but check out me strutting my stuff here.

Next, I modeled an apron from Tuggin Apron Strings. Click here to see me (second from left) with all four of the lovely pieces. I am dying for the lemon one on the designer (in the middle)!

And finally I got all sultry in a gorgeous piece from UPC Fashion. You may recall me in a long white dress from her last year. This year I mixed it up with a short white dress:


And one more from the back:

All in all, Indie was a fun show again. I have lots of goodies leftover, though, so expect an Etsy update as soon as I get my marbles together.


GemsByEm said...

Love it! I really enjoyed Indie Emporium when I was in Tulsa. I should really look into the same type of shows here in Philly! I miss all of the creativity under one roof!

Love your booth set up! Are you scarves in your Etsy shop? I didn't know you were doing these too!

Sherri said...

Angry eyes? Nope, sorry, not scared.

You and your booth looked great all weekend!

JMay said...

Aww how cute were you :-)

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