Friday, August 17, 2007

Beetlejuice Bracelet

My creative juices evaporated a little in the past two weeks, but I've found inspiration again. Hurray! Here's the new item I posted today, Beetlejuice Bracelet.

I absolutely love this one. In fact, I was reluctant to list it. The center bead is hand-carved wood and it's gorgeous.
I bought it at Craig's Emporium (3004 Paseo in Oklahoma City, telephone number: (405) 525-9447), which is a truly awesome store that sells everything -- oils, jewelry, clothing, stationery, candles, gifts, etc. If you're ever in OKC, stop by the Paseo Arts District and check the place out. The black beads are my new loves: big, black, and interesting. The smaller blue beads are from a flea-market find that I've been slowly dismantling. I'm almost out! The two clear beads are from a lot of vintage pieces I got from eBay.

If you're interested in purchasing the bracelet, visit my shop. It's listed at $15.

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HangryPants said...

Thanks for sharing your first post w/ me. The bracelet is beautiful!

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