Monday, August 20, 2007

New item -- Saucy Fuchsia and Black Bracelet

I just posted a new piece, Saucy Fuchsia and Black Bracelet! It's a great deal at $10. :)

All the beads are glass. The center piece (1/2" of fuchsia-pink polka dots surrounded by white halos on a dark purple background) and the large black beads (3/4" and diamond-shaped) are from hobby stores (Hobby Lobby and Michael's). The smaller fuchsia rondelles (3mm) were purchased from The Beadshop, a fellow Etsian. If you're in the market for beads, check out her store.

Now, I'd like to impart a little wisdom your way. I've been experimenting with different clasps on my pieces. I usually go with lobster clasps but bought a few others to try out. Here are my words of wisdom to you all: barrel clasps are impossible to put on one-handed. Seriously. They work fine for necklaces, but they are a disaster waiting to happen on a bracelet. In this picture, you'll see that I used one naively. During my quality-control check (which I'll tell you about another time), I discovered this sad fact. I have since changed the clasp to a hook, which is very easy to put on by yourself. However, the pictures do not reflect this. It's the same one I used in the scarab bracelet in my last post.

Until next time, have a great day, and don't forget to check out Grey Eye Designs!

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