Monday, April 21, 2008

Bad mother

So I'm a bad blog mother. In my defense, things got crazy there for a while. Here's the recap:

In early March, everyone in my department received notice that our section would no longer be published, so we were all let go as of that day. It was shocking and totally out of the blue, so I had a rough transition out of my day job. The news came the day before my one-year anniversary at the job, too. LAME. I spent two weeks unemployed, and that just happened to coincide with me and my boyfriend moving into a new apartment -- which also cost more than our old place. I did manage to find a new job, one that even pays better, and started that on St. Patrick's Day. In the meantime, my digital camera died, which is why I haven't added anything new to my Etsy store in a long time. I ordered a new one last week, though, so I should be in possession of it shortly. Woo hoo! So I will be a regular blogger again, I promise. The only road block at this point is that our new, lovely apartment has a major plumbing problem (YAY! :P), so we're temporarily displaced. The temp home has no Internet access, meaning I can only post from work, and only then when I have time. I will get back on the ball soon, though.

In other news, I registered my own domain name a couple of weeks ago, but there's nothing there yet. I have no idea how to set up and run a Web site! I plan to get to work on it soon. I'll post a link when there's actually something to see.

At the end of March, I shared a booth with The Storybeader at the Cleveland County Spring Creative Craft Fair, which wasn't a big seller for me. I do have one picture of my set up, though, which is being totally revamped. You can see it here, courtesy of ClaudiasBurningInk. I'm going to abandon much of what I generally use to display jewelry as I've recently purchased a necklace and earring display. I also bought a little suitcase that I'm going to make look like a neat-o display, a canopy, and some new fabric to drape over part of my table cloth. I'm looking forward to how it will turn out.

So that's what I've been up to. Sorry for my absense. Tomorrow, I'll post a list of upcoming festivals and shows I plan to take part in. Thanks for sticking with me!


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