Thursday, June 19, 2008

Crafty little critter

The truth is that I'm no great crafter or artist. I aspire to be, though, so I like to try my hand at everything. Jewelry was the first artsy/crafty thing I discovered a talent for, so I've stuck with it. I really do love it. I enjoy the entire process -- selecting beads, invisioning a design, sometimes sketching the design, assembling, bending, crimping, wrapping, and finally finishing. I feel so accomplished when I take a handful of beads and turn it into something totally unique. I also love wrapping wire and making my own findings, embellishments, and finished pieces. Wearing my own jewelry is one of my absolute favorites, too. It feels great to receive a compliment on something you created with your own two hands.

My second favorite craft is probably crocheting. I'm not near good enough to sell my crocheted pieces, but I love to create them. I learned to knit three years before I ever picked up a crochet hook, but I was never good at it. I have one scarf that looks nice enough to wear -- the rest look like total crap. I have great respect for skilled knitters, though. I find crocheting relaxing and rewarding. So far, I've really only made scarves, hats, snowflakes, two pairs of baby booties and one amigurumi.

I almost forget about bookbinding. I don't know if I love it more or less than crocheting, but it's so much fun. I like making little bitty ones as gifts. I made my friend a little travel guide to Italy and my boyfriend a book of reasons why I love him. I also do a bit of amateur photography (as evinced by my Memorial Day post), though I don't think that really counts as crafty.

My goal is to learn to do as much as I can. I'm two years out of college now but haven't taken a real art class since 7th grade. I've started signing up for everything I can afford and squeeze into my schedule. I'm working through lampwork bead making and metalworking now. I hope to take painting, wheel throwing (pottery), and maybe even a knitting class if I feel brave. I also need someone to show me how to use my sewing machine so I can start making bags, skirts, and eventually quilts.

One of my favorite ways to try new things is by doing swaps on Swap-Bot. There are a lot of "XYZ for beginners" swaps, and I've tried my hand at several things that way. That's how I learned about ATCs. After about a dozen of them, I've come to realize that I suck at them. Completely. I just don't have an eye for it. I have to make my first sock monkey for a swap soon -- I hope I don't crash and burn at that, too!

What about you? What's your favorite craft for just you? And is there anything you've totally failed at?


The Wildfire: Gifts and Decor said...

I loooove ceramics. Too bad there's not any resources around where I live. It sounds like you're having a lot of fun learning as much as you can!
Thanks for participating :)

storybeader said...

I love pottery, but I'm not balanced enough to throw a piece! Nice post - you've got a lot of things going there, girlfriend!

Brigid said...

Thanks for your comments! I just enjoy trying things out. I don't overlap classes much, though, as I also enjoy my free time. I do love learning how to do something new.

Donna said...

I sure do understand your love for doing a lot of things! Wait till you get the hang of a sewing machine...there'll be no holding you back!

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