Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Felt Bird

Tomorrow is the grand opening of The Felt Bird, the brainchild of the crafty Estela Romanos and her musical man Riley Jantzen. I sadly will not be able to attend because I'll (not so sadly) be in Eureka Springs for a nice, long weekend. I am, however, finally mailing a box of goodies to her today. I packaged everything up last night. Take a gander:

Here are nine (of the 20) memory wire bracelets I'm sending on their brand new display. I took a cue from Miss Holly and used a picture frame, but I gave it my own twist. I attached little hooks with glue dots to the front so the bracelets could hang. Fun, huh?
My initial ring display, which required great planning, thought and execution was, sadly, a dud. It didn't occur to me until I tried it out that the very thing that made floral foam seem like a useful ring display would ultimately be its downfall. Shoving a ring base into a slit in the foam is easy and very, very messy. Anyway, here's a much simpler but still attractive display featuring all 20 of the Alice rings I sent.
So, if you are available tomorrow night, head down to Enid for the grand opening, which begins at 6 p.m. Support local art and pick up the "handmade. original. sustainable." goodies at the store!


the felt bird said...

YAY!!! Can't wait to get them!

Hollyrocks said...

Your displays look awesome! You're such a creative little thang. And of course, the merchandise looks pretty lovely as well. We went to the grand opening, and her shop is ADORABLE. I think your work will fit right in. :-)

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