Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My name in the paper

Good blog-reading folks, I appear to have mono, so I am nearly completely out of commission at the moment. However, I have fun news. I'm featured -- in one way or another -- all over the local print media. Check me out:

First is Tulsa People -- The Art of Craft. That's me in the center in red. Don't let that photo's perspective fool you -- I'm shorter than everyone else in the group! I'm also quoted a couple of times, and one of my items is featured. Yay!

Next is Tulsa People again -- Gallery Hopper -- Breast Impressions. I don't know if I told you all about my forays into nude modeling. Probably not, since it isn't true. I did, however, lend my, ahem, torso for a cast earlier this year. My dear friend Christine then purtified it. The end result is on display at a local mall and will be auctioned off in October to support local women with breast cancer. Though my cast isn't featured here, it's still something in which I'm involved.

And finally we have the Urban Tulsa -- Get That Indie Look, which again does not mention me, but I will be selling there. I'm also helping to plan the Handmade Nation screening at the Circle a week from Sunday in conjunction with Indie Emporium.

Edit: Yikes! The intrepid Christine found THREE more mentions! Check out my breast cast in today's Tulsa World (blue in the lower right), in the Urban Tulsa, and in this month's ArtBeat Magazine (on pages 24 and 25). Pretty exciting!

So yay for some fun publicity! Boo for the "kissing disease," which is nowhere near as fun as the name implies. Hope you're all happy and healthy!


Hollyrocks said...

That's awesome, Brigid! You are totally deserving of all that publicity, my well-endowed friend. :-)

Indie Emporium is going to be INSANE this year. I can't believe how big it's getting!

Heather said...

good for your brigid! I think you officially have the most famous lady bits in Tulsa ;)
I'll see you this weekend!!!!! Congrats on all the press!~ :D

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