Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Garden Week #5

Some day soon I will again post about something other than my garden. Today is not such an occasion. What can I say? I'm excited! Away we go . . .

First up is my main container. Not much has changed, but the basil is finally starting to recover.

Now let's talk about the blueberry plant. As a whole, it looks the same. But look what it's now covered with:

Blossoms! Beautiful unbloomed blossoms. I love them.

The potato awesomeness continues. Watch them grow!

And now for the slightly tragic part. I kinda-sorta completely forgot about my tomatoes and marigolds, which means they did not get the proper amount of (read: any) water. Oops! I transplanted them into their new home anyway. Look at the patheticness:

The good news is that they are recovering after a vigorous watering. So is everything else that looks droopy in these pictures. I rearranged the complete patio set-up. I like:

Today I got home to find a note on my door from the complex folks telling me I needed to remove the "metal cans" on my porch to help keep the apartment complex "looking beautiful." Since my neighbor has a cardboard cut-out of Smokey the Bear on his porch and another had a plastic snowman hanging from a noose for more than a year, I called to complain. The management just said they "didn't know" what was in the containers, so they assumed they were junk. Nevermind that I live on the first floor and a one-second glimpse into them would have revealed beautiful flora. All is now settled, though, and my plants are here to stay, until I forget to water all of them.

I hope the weather is beautiful wherever you are!


Anonymous said...

People are stupid.

Your plants look great.

Jessie said...

Wow -- cool blueberry blossoms! One of my favorite things about gardening is those crazy revelations about how food actually grows. Why didn't anyone ever tell me that pumpkin flowers are huge and a beautiful bright orange/yellow, or that blueberries start as tiny white blossoms??

janet said...

Your "metal cans" look awesome, so glad it got straighted out. Everything is coming along so nicely!

Alex said...

This is Alex from Goodreads, I stalked your blog. I love the look of your container garden! My wife and I have exactly the same container as the one in that first pic.

We haven't really started gardening yet this year. Kept getting distracted by other stuff. Oops.

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