Sunday, April 25, 2010

Creative weekend

It's a lovely Sunday evening, the perfect end to a perfectly delightful weekend. Here are the highlights of my hippie-fied three days off from work:

  • Taking my pooch to the farmers market, where I bought radishes, watercress (guess who's making tea sandwiches!), asparagus, salad greens, a raw vegan brownie, and locally made kombucha.
  • Later taking the fur ball to the herb show in Jenks, where I bought Amish-made apple butter, a new cherry tomato plant to replace the one I murdered, some of Stephanie's Fabulous (chocolate-peanut butter) Fudge, and a 10-minute chair massage.
  • Going to a TOMS Style Your Sole party at my elementary school whose board I'm on. Check out my handiwork:
And here they are on my pigeon feet:

Have I mentioned before I'm into trees these days? I'm no artist, but I do love drawing my trees.
  • Back to Saturday. The fun continued with a trip to Gardner's (where I bought two more books on British history), a massive salad at Jason's Deli, and a viewing of A Prophet at the Circle Cinema. As long as we're admitting things, I did all of the above while wearing a beautiful tie-dyed skirt. I intend to reach full hippie-dom in the next half decade or so.
  • And then came Sunday and a batiking session with my madre. Here is my piece halfway through:
Here's Mom hard at work (I told her I'd use the "thin lens):

And a close-up of one section of her scarf:

And this, my friends, is some hot wax action:

Cali-freakin-ente. I'll make sure to share the finished product with you all.

Well, it's time to remove this facial mask (the term "She-Hulk" was used) and walk on my dog. Happy Sunday, one and all!


Marilyn said...

Love, Love, Love the hippie-fied Brigid! From your eternal hippie friend (also your mom's age, or there-abouts!) XO
PS ~ I look forward to seeing the tie-dyed skirt AND the batik project! :-)

momof3girls said...

what a fun weekend!!! I love your Tom's you are very creative!

Tasha said...

Brigid, where'd you get that vegan brownie?

momof3girls said...

love the scarf but it is even prettier in person!

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