Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Salad Challenge

My eating has been weird lately. I’ll eat one incredibly healthy, balanced meal and follow it up with an emergency chocolate milkshake or half a jar of French onion dip. As a result, I’ve been a bit sluggish lately, and I’ve been more headache-prone, so it’s time to remedy the situation. In two weeks, I’m going to enter into a salad challenge. The idea was inspired by last night’s dinner, when I sautéed some sugar snap peas in garlic and a little olive oil and added them to spinach and radishes, topping it all with jalapeno hummus and lime juice. The result was delicious, healthy, local produce eaten in a way that is totally different from anything else I’ve made before.

Here are the rules for my salad challenge:

  • Must eat at least one salad each day for seven days. Imaginary brownie broccoli points go for two salads in any given day.
  • Salads can be of any healthy variety: veggies, fruits, grains and beans.
  • Pasta can be one component, but it must be overwhelmed by produce.
  • Only one cooked vegetable is allowed per salad (i.e. stir fry is not a salad).
  • Salads must be somewhat different each day, but they can incorporate several of the same elements.
  • No eggs, dairy or meat (duh) allowed.

This is me throwing down the gauntlet. I am waiting two weeks to start because I won’t be in town this weekend for the farmers market, and I’d much, much prefer to incorporate as much local stuff as possible.

So now I turn to my friends and readers for help: What is your favorite salad? What adventurous component should I try? I’m a picky eater, but I’d love to get some new ideas. Also, if you’d like to take part with me, let me know! Feel free to make up your own rules according to your dietary needs and preferences. The challenge starts Monday, June 7!


Adrian said...

I'm not as creative as you when it comes to throwing something together on the fly BUT I will be watching and hoping you share all your tasty salads :)

Holly said...

I made a pretty awesome salad yesterday. It had fresh mushrooms (from a local farm, but you can buy them at Wal-Mart and Reasor's) with lettuce from the BA farmer's market (which is the most tender, yummy lettuce I've ever had in my life), spinach leaves (also from the farmer's market), a sprinkle of Parmesan, and a splash of reduced-fat Newman's Own balsamic vinaigrette. It was simple, but incredibly tasty.

For your cooked vegetable, I highly recommend sauteed shrooms. There's nothing better in my opinion. Good luck with the challenge! I might just have to hop on board with you.

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