Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Goodbye, Meemaw

My grandmother died yesterday. She’s the one I wrote about here, here, here, here, here and here, as well as a few other places. She would have been 79 in a couple of weeks. There’s so much I need to say and do, but I’m not sure where to start. Her funeral is tomorrow morning, so until that’s over, I think I’ll just be sad.

I want to thank everyone who has called, texted, emailed, and sent their condolences on Facebook and Twitter. I appreciate it so much. I loved this grandmother more than I can say. I wasn’t ready to let go of her yet, but I’m glad her decline was swift.

I’ll be back soon to let you all know I’m OK.


Adrian said...

Thinking of you Brigid. Grandmothers are infinitely and uniquely special. (( Great Big Hugs ))

janet said...

Brigid, I am so sorry, my heart goes out to you.

Robin Thomas said...

Oh Brigid. Yes decline if inevitable is bvest swift, witnessing this first hand. Be well. I am thinking of you my dear friend.

Heather said...

*hugs* I'm so sorry to hear that your beloved granny passed. Thats always so hard. Just know that we're all thinking of you!~!

Holly said...

This is something I have not had to deal with, although I am certainly not looking forward to the time when I will. I hope you're feeling better, my sweet friend! Happy music and funny movies usually help me when I've got something sad on my mind.


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