Thursday, February 21, 2008

New item and stuff

I posted a new item yesterday FINALLY. It's my Gothic Princess Bracelet, and I am madly in love with it. It's just elegant and fun and edgy and cool. I'm thinking of making a matching necklace, though I'll have to wait until I can afford more supplies for it. Go see it and my other 27 listings in my shop.

I also wanted to share this necklace I made for a swap on Swap-Bot a few weeks back. The responses I got from it were really positive, so I'm thinking of making similar ones to sell in my store. What do you all think? Would you buy a piece of jewelry with a book pendant? I have several different ideas in mind for the book, which I will share once they're ready for broadcasting.

Tomorrow, my love and I will sign the lease on our new, larger apartment, complete with a spare bedroom. Well, not spare for long. My craft stuff and our computer will inhabit it as soon as we're all moved in. I will make sure to share workspace pictures once they involve more than me on one end of the sofa with a lap full of findings. :)

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