Friday, July 11, 2008

World's Prettiest Band Aid

OK, so it isn't really a Band Aid. That's what my boss thought at first, though. Nope, it's a half-finished copper cuff!

It was made in my metalsmithing class, of course. I had a doctor appointment this morning (the most special time of year! :P) and was wearing the bracelet when I came in. My boss asked if I was OK, and I told him yes, it was just a regular, annual visit. He asked, "Did you get blood taken?" I said no, not
understanding why he asked. He

said, "Well, that thing on your arm." I then explained to him and our executive assistant that, no, I'm not wearing a Band Aid on my arm. It's a copper bracelet I made. They told me how lovely they thought it was at that point. Yep, it's a beautiful, stunning adhesive bandage. :P

Anyway, the piece is made from a rectangle of copper that I cut, rounded the edges, annealed, applied a design (using metal screen) with a press thing, and then formed. I intend to tumble it and add a patina. It'll be a few weeks before I can show off the finished product -- our class is on a two-week hiatus. So sad. I may have to order supplies just so I can do some more work. We'll see.

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