Thursday, July 3, 2008

Summertime fun

Summer still has an easy-going, "let's have fun!" vibe to me, even though I now spend it as any other working adult. Even in college, I would still come home to work during the hottest months. That means I haven't had a summer off in, oh, six years. I don't think that mentality ever really goes away, though.

Once the weather starts warming and the humidity sets in, I get bitten by the productivity bug. I want to take classes, eat healthier, see my brother and sister more often, go to the movies, clean the apartment (well, that one is rarer), go for walks, read books, etc. It's like the summer holds more possibilities than the rest of the year -- maybe it's the longer days? I'm working hard to fit everything I want to do in. I'm not sure it's even possible, but I will surely try.

Here are 10 goals for the rest of the summer. Some are a bit far-fetched, but at least that gives me something to strive for.

1. Swim once a week.
2. Ride a bike at least once.
3. Set up metalsmithing equipment at home.
4. Take a pottery class.
5. Complete three books.
6. Lose five pounds.
7. Go to the zoo.
8. Bake a vegan, gluten-free, low-sugar cake that doesn't taste like crap. (My little sister is on a celiac, egg-free, and low-sugar diet, and her birthday treats are always disgusting.)
9. Make tons of cool new jewelry.
10. Plan a fun birthday party for myself.

What about you? What are your summer plans?


storybeader said...

Hey Brigid - love your post. Well, I'm afraid to get into a bathing suit (which goes along with #6, but a much higher number of pounds). I, too, want to ride my bike, get out the soldering equipment, read, and make more jewelry. Not that far off, eh?

Miss B said...

I'm with you on number 9. I think the solution is to skip the cake entirely and just drizzle honey on fruit. (Or is honey not vegan friendly? Sigh.)

Fun post!


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