Thursday, October 2, 2008

I heart this ring

My poor camera battery has been dead a long time now, and unfortunately I cannot find the charger. It doesn't help that my apartment is a total mess. I'm thinking of just buckling down and buying a new one, but that would be the third one I've owned. I bought this camera in March. Goodness gracious.

Anyway, I did manage to finagle a moment with the not-so-great work camera so I could show you something I made last night. Behold:

Isn't is cute? It was supposed to be for the craft fair season, but this one is mine! It's a clear, flat-backed marble with a handcut paper heart on a paper background glued to the back. The whole thing is then glued to a ring blank. I started out with solid colors, but I'm slowly working on cute shapes. I have a fish and a flower at home, too. Expect a mustache as soon as I can make one small enough.

When I first started these a few days back, I did not properly take to heart the glue's warning that it may adhere to skin. Boy does it! I almost couldn't separate my index finger and thumb on Sunday. That was really scary. I probably should get latex gloves, but I'm living dangerously.

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Human Touch Designs said...

Cute ring! I've just started creating my own pendants/rings on glass bases - fun stuff! I'm hoping to take pics of my first project this weekend - a personal piece that I made using dried roses from my wedding day. Be sure to stop by my blog to check it out!

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