Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oklahoma Today

If you live in the service area of Oklahoma Today magazine, check out the latest issue. Why, you ask? Because four members of the Disciples of Etsy Oklahoma Street Team are featured! How great is that? One of them is my very dear, very talented friend, GemsByEm. This isn't a free publication like Oklahoma or Urban Tulsa Weekly, so you'll have to plunk down a couple of bucks for a copy, but it's worth it to support something that's supporting us indie artists. For a screencap of the feature, click here (thanks, Elizabeth!). Also, be sure to check out each of the shops mentioned: GemsByEm, KeysAndMemories, TeterDesigns, and Revamped.

Congrats, ladies and gentlemen! You all truly deserve it.


Heather said...

very neat! Good for them!~ :D

Mathea said...

That's the greatest! And free advertisement is the best.

Estela said...

That's awesome!

*can I have that list of bad housing! haha! Thank you!!

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