Sunday, October 18, 2009

My kingdom for an afghan hook

There's nothing quite so frustrating as having a great, creative idea and not being able to work on it. I've been to two different craft stores today, and neither had an afghan hooks at all, let alone the size I need. I'm jonesing to try out a pattern I found in a vintage crocheting and knitting book I purchased yesterday for a buck at the Saturday Flea Market. I would have settled for another size and made the proper adjustments, but there was nothing! Oy! I'll have to wait until a free lunch break this week to run out to Hobby Lobby.

I'm off to walk the dog now before our Tulsa Craft Mafia meeting and then a fun evening of cooking. At least my need to make something shall be satisfied one way or another.


ANestWithAView said...

WTH is an afghan hook? Is this a sheep hearder reference?

Hollyrocks said...

In my opinion, all other craft supply stores are inferior to the Hob Lob. Oh how I love that place.

Heather said...

maybe they have some at Loops? Shall I see you there on wednesday? :D

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