Monday, February 9, 2009

Anachronistic nostalgia

Mom, Grey, and I went flea marketing this weekend, hitting two in one day. The big one in Tulsa is the Great American Flea Market at Admiral and Mingo, which we did second. It is a good place to go, especially if you're a parent looking for a good deal on toys, clothes, or books for the family. However, my favorite gem in town is the not-huge but still bustling Saturday Market in west Tulsa. The vendors there are so friendly and will always cut you a great deal on something. For example, guess how much money I spent to acquire this beautiful 1940s/1950s engagement ring featuring three small diamonds in 10 karat white gold?

Give up?

The little beauty is nearly as glorious as the day she left the jewelry store. She needs some polishing, but otherwise, my mouth almost hit the counter when the woman quoted me that price. Thirty-five dollars for a delicate, high-quality ring still in perfect condition 60-some-odd years later. I handed over chump change for this gorgeous piece that has a whole story to tell. Once upon a time, it lit up some young woman's eyes, maybe brought tears to them, and made her say "yes". She wore it throughout 60 years of happy marriage, while she nursed and raise four children, and later while she rocked and loved 12 grandchildren, until the flea-market seller picked it up at estate sale. Maybe the tale wasn't such a happy one. Maybe it carries with it the ghosts of a broken engagement, a lover who died in the war, infidelity, or the tragic humdrum of someone's forgotten life. That isn't the reality I'm choosing, though. I look at this ring, and I see dreams and hope and infinite love.

And good golly miss Molly does it fit me perfectly! It isn't my engagement ring, and I only wore it on that hand for ease in taking the picture, but it does look nice, eh? ::sigh:: It inspired me to dress in early '60s style today, though I did feel like an anachronism driving my car into my professional job today. I do mean that in the best way possible. I'd like to look Joan but still have Peggy's job. :)


this20sgirl said...

Beautiful! It's similar to my wedding ring (circa '25). I'll have to check out this flea market!

samann1121 said...

My goodness, it's gorgeous! What a great find!

Hollyrocks said...

So pretty!!! My boyfriend's mother thinks I'm crazy, but I would MUCH rather have an antique for my wedding ring than some over-priced crap from JcPenny's.

Tell Grey that if he doesn't step up to the plate pretty soon, I'm gonna come marry you!!!

[Tara] said...

This is so intricate and delicate -- gorgeous and great find! I have never been to that flea market...where is it exactly?

Brigid said...

Tara -- You should! All good westsiders must.

Jessie -- Thank you! I couldn't believe I found that gem.

Holly -- Thanks! I'm with you. I either want vintage or handmade, and I'll likely skip on an engagement ring. And I'll pass along your message to Grey. We'd have gorgeous babies -- if it were possible. :)

[Tara] -- Isn't it great? I left you the location details in your post.

Sarah said...

This ring is so beautiful. I was wondering if you would be interested in selling it? My grandmother had her engagement stolen about 3 and a half years ago and it looked exactly like this. The person we suspected stole it we think moved and probably sold it. It would be unbelievable if this were actually it. Please take this into consideration and if you are interested please email me at
Thank you so much

Natasha said...

Oh. my. God. Jealous!!

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