Monday, February 23, 2009

Retail thoughts

Ever since I learned that Deco to Disco was closing on Cherry Street, I've been thinking how cool it would be to run a shop out of the space. My dream, of course, would be to have a boutique that sold all handmade items, especially those created right here in the great (:P) state of Oklahoma. Deco to Disco officially closed its doors on February 15. I drove by one time to see if there was a "For Rent" sign in the window, but I believe the store owner is still moving out through the end of the month. For all I know, a new tenant is already lined up, but I'm so curious to know what that space would cost. I absolutely do not have the money to start such a risky business venture at the moment. Still, the thought lingers, and I will not be satisfied until I find a figure or someone new moves in.


A Scrappy Design said...

I think that's a great idea. I've thought about it several times myself. It's just a matter of whether or not you want to take the risk. I know that the SBA has a grant program for women entrepeneurs, might be worth looking into. . .

Anonymous said...

i'm doing some work again for mama trizza's pottery shop. they're on 15th as well, and sell only hand-made items in their store.

just a thought as to someone to talk to if you feel like, as well as if you think you or some of the etsy folk in tulsa want to consider selling their stuff in his store i'm sure he'd at least take a look at what you have.

Hollyrocks said...

Do it, Brigid!! I'll work the counter for FREE if you take the plunge. How awesome would it be to sell our goods out of the old Deco to Disco building?? Very awesome.

Estela said...

We have the same dream!!!
I wonder how much that building is. I'm assuming 3000 or more since the location. Start saving your money! :)

Heather said...

I was so bummed when I drove by a while back and saw the store closed. I amazed that its just closing up, it is such a tulsa icon. I got my costume there in the 10th grade when I was in Bye Bye Birdie ;)
That is a huge space! I love the idea of a store too though. There's a beautiful old building on main street in sapulpa that's for sale, just been restored....15,000 sq. feet. Hey, you could live there too! ;)

Anonymous said...

seems a few of us have the same dream...maybe we can all make it happen...

Natasha said...

DO IT. Please? I would write about you til the cows come home.

Brigid said...

Heather -- I just don't think I can justify the risk right now, but I wish!

Carlos -- I love Mama Trizza's. I don't think my stuff fits there, but I will pass the info along. I'm working on a list of local wholesale/consignment resources.

Holly -- I would LOVE to! I've talked myself into and out of such a thing a hundred times.

Stela -- I bet you're right. It's such a great space and location, though.

Heather -- The clothing part actually moved farther west on 15th for a couple of years and just closed. The old store still sells accessories and such under the name Mod 50s Modern.

Andrea -- I would love that! We must discuss. :)

Natasha -- If I take the plunge, I will let you know! I'm generally not such a risk-taker, but it would be so great!

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