Friday, August 21, 2009

Five days

I've managed to list/renew an item every day this work week. Whew! The result has been good so far. I made one sale and have increased my views. It seems this little experiment is going well. I've also, as my wonderful readers can probably tell, blogged every day since Monday. The truth is, I love blogging, but I often feel like I have nothing interesting to say. Take this post, for example. I'm sure you'd all rather see pictures of projects or read about exciting adventures, but I'm hoping you'll let these little business recountings slide. ;)

I have a healthy to-do list for the weekend, including two birthday parties, lots of jewelry making, display making, reading and maybe even a little sleeping or baking. What's on your agenda this weekend?


Heather said...

yay for blogging! This weekend I need to get some serious painting done. Ive been so distractable its not even funny....

Hollyrocks said...

Congrats on whipping your business into shape! It seems like you're doing a wonderful job so far. Will you give me lessons? And as for your blog, I really look forward to your posts and I always find them interesting. Don't be so hard on yourself!

This weekend, Mitch and I are looking at cars because he's going to try to get in on the "cash for clunkers" thing. We looked all night last night, and we're going back to a few places today to do some serious talking.

Oh and also, I've got more squash for you. I told Papa that I gave some of the last batch to my vegetarian friend, so he decided to give me some especially for you when he loaded me up this week. I'm pretty sure these were his exact words: "I gave you some extra squash so you can give some to your vegetable-eatin' friend." It was so cute. :-)

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