Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The virus

Just as I was enjoying my near-daily postings, I was attacked by a virus. I'm not entirely sure what it is -- not strep or flu of any variety -- but I do know it took a few days of my life from me. I was horizontal Sunday-Tuesday, and today I only made it into the office because I knew I had to. Deadlines loom, and I'm the sole person in my department until my boss returns from his surgery.

So, I apologize for the lack of fun around here. I promise that will change as soon as I feel more like Brigid again. Stay tuned.


Renee said...

Sorry you're feeling yucky! I hope you get to feeling better super soon, it's never any fun to be sick! Although, getting off work a couple of days does sound mighty nice..

Glad you liked the IE ad! Have you started gearing up for it yet?

Beth said...

Hope you feel better! You're hard core, going to work.

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