Thursday, December 6, 2007

More new stuff

Alright friends, amici and amigos! You guessed it -- I have another new item at Grey Eye Designs.

They are temporarily entitled Cascade Earrings, though I'm open to suggestions of a more interesting name. Just leave them in the comments of this post.

Anyway, the are made of sterling silver, agate, and three colors of Swarovski crystals. They are just lovely. The drape is so elegant. Plus, the colors are vibrant and even more beautiful when the light hits them. They're only $15, so clearly you should go buy them. :)

Also, they are both the same lengths. Don't let the photo fool ya.

And this afternoon, I will be posting a sister piece to the one pictured at left. As this one is the Go Blue, Go White Necklace, the new one shall be the Go Red, Go White Necklace. I don't have a preview pic of it right now, but the piece will be available for purchase before 5:00 CST today. It will look just like this one except -- gasp! -- it will feature red beads instead of blue in the middle. I have one like it at home that features turquoisey ones that I love. The beads glow in this really eye-catching way. Plus, I think these would be perfect for a spirit group of any kind. I can make them in a variety of school colors. I think it would be adorable to see them on a group of high schoolers during a Homecoming game or something. I know I would have loved it back then. :)

Later, I'm going to do a post about a special promotion I want to try running in my store. Check it out!

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