Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I'm sorry I neglected you!

Oh blog, I am a terrible maintainer! I have neglected you. I won't do it again -- I promise! I missed you ever so much.

So here's a entry: I did my first craft fair this past weekend and enjoyed it. It was for a good cause -- my church's youth department -- so that made it all the better. I did decently, too. I didn't sell as much jewelry as I hoped, but I almost sold out of the 70ish marble magnets I made. Sheesh! I thought they'd catch some eyes and some extra quarters, but I had no idea they'd be so popular. I'll make 1000 for my next show. Here are a couple of truly bad photos of my table.

I was back lit, and my mom isn't much of a photographer, but it's something. My booth wasn't the fanciest or the most uber-professional, but it was eye-catching enough, and I earned about as much as anyone else, I think. Plus, even if I have lots of inventory left over, I have tons more stuff to add to Etsy. I'm updating all this week, so come check me out. :)

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