Friday, December 7, 2007

Shop update and preview

Here's what I have for you so far . . .

First, this is a picture of the Go Red, Go White Necklace. Bask in its glory. :)

Here's my most recent listing, Drops of Jade Earrings. These are so light and delicate -- anyone would look great wearing them, even super-pale folks (like me!). They each feature a large jade bead and two smaller agates. The jade is from a necklace my grandmother gave me. I deeply love these beads. The agates are from the stash my coworkers gave me for my birthday. I love getting to use the things they gave me in pieces.

These earrings would be a perfect gift for anyone (with pierced ears) on your list, and at $15, they're such a deal!

And in this corner, I have a recent piece: Stormy Day at the Beach Necklace. It will (I promise this time!) be listed before I leave my "real job" today. It features glass beads in opalescent grey, blue-and-grey swirled, crystalline grey, and clear. The center piece is a couple of white shell beads separated with clear seed beads on a headpin. It hangs beautifully and is a totally unique designs. The beads are attached to a silver-colored chain. It was inspired by a piece I made for a swap, so I modified it a bit for my store. Look for it soon!

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