Friday, December 25, 2009

A gift for you

We got a blizzard in Oklahoma last night, which shortened some Christmas Eve plans and cancelled everything today. Here in Tulsa, we have six inches of snow on the ground. That's insane for this area! I'm not a fan personally, but the creature in my life who hates it the most is my tiny dog. I took this video this morning of her attempting to go get through show piles nearly as tall as her. I hope you enjoy!


SheezKrafty said...

How cute! We can't get into our backyard due to snowdrifts so we just let the mutt run around front while we dug out the cars! He did the hopping thing too! SOOOO cute! Merry WHITE Christmas to you!

Tasha said...

Ha! Sully is so cute! When you think about it, dogs do really well in snow that's as tall as they are. We humans, not so much. Maybe having four legs helps? I dunno.

Merry Christmas, Brigid!

elise said...

hahahahaaaaaa...cutest video!! sully's such a smart little pup :)

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