Friday, December 11, 2009

Grama's Christmas Present

I've been having a crafty winter so far. Between shows and commissions and holiday presents, I've had a lot to do. I am almost done with a gorgeous piece that I can't wait to share -- only I have to, since it's a gift. I'll show it off soon, though.

In the meantime, I completed a hat and scarf set for my grandmother's Christmas gift. I feel safe putting them up here since they're for my grandmother who doesn't even touch a computer. I based them on a pair of patterns from Crochet Today's holiday edition but modified them for my preferences. Here's the scarf (photo taken a couple of weeks ago):

As you can see, I added a slot to pull one end of the scarf through. I thought it would be practical for my gardening grandmother. Check out the hat:

And here they both are together:

I am madly in love with this yarn from Loops! It's Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton yarn (all organic) in Caribbean and Lemonade. I may have to make myself a scarf from it next.

I need to assemble a few final things tonight for Deluxe tomorrow. If you're in the OKC area, don't forget to come shop!


GemsByEm said...

You are so stinking cute! I love your scarf and hat, I mean Grama's scarf and hat! :-)

A Nest With A View said...

Brigid, have a great Deluxe!

Holly said...

What an ADORABLE set! Your Grama will love it. I hope you and Tara have a great time at Deluxe! I'm with you in spirit.

Heather said...

you're a knittin' fool! I love these! Hope you had a good Deluxe!~!

Betty Refour said...

soooo pretty! i am so jealous. very pretty

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