Monday, May 19, 2008

And breathe!

Blue Dome is done, so I can relax again. I'm sure what I had qualifies as an actual weekend, and I'm unconvinced I should have been forced to work today. Alas, my opinion matters little, for I am in my meat locker of an office, toiling away. Well, not so much toilnig as counting the minutes 'til I head out the door. It will likely be another early night for me again this evening.

So, a recap. The festival was fun, despite the devilish sun, my shoddy canopy, and the long days. I'll post pictures of the booth and such this week. I met and ran into lots of cool, fun people, and I am satisfied with the knowledge that several people around town are now sporting Grey Eye Designs originals. Woo hoo! Plus, now I have incentive to make and list new pieces. I didn't get rich or nothin', but I did make more than double my booth fee. I also got to spend time with a group of truly awesome, inspiring artists. In fact, I'm brainstorming a list of art and craft projects I want to start because of them. These fairs are always interesting. I learned a ton from a marketing perspective, from what I make that people like to the best way to attract traffic to my booth. Fascinating, I say.

And I got interviewed for this past weekend's edition of Up Late with Ben Sumner. If you missed it (and me in my pre-tan whiteness), you can check it out here. I'm in the first segment on Blue Dome. In addition to my little face, there are several product shots throughout. Kind of exciting. I am babbling, but at least I look fine!

Thanks to everyone who came out to see me. The best part of all was chatting with the people I knew, including some of the new faces I encountered. And as I've promised before, look for new items in my shop this week!

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