Thursday, May 22, 2008

Booth photos

No, not from a photobooth, though I do have some of those lying around. I promised I'd share a few pictures from my booth at the Blue Dome Arts Festival this past weekend. (By the way, I am definitely still recovering from it. It was exhausting!) These are all from Day 1 (May 16), so they are totally different from my booth configuration the rest of the weekend. They also lack the lovely JD Star, who shared with me Saturday and Sunday. If she gets any pictures up on her Flickr, I'll see if she doesn't mind sharing. So on with the show.

(Here's the booth head on. Notice it's in the middle of the street!)
(Here's me and my tummy showing off my banner)

(The left side of my booth. I love the chest and table coverings.)
(The right side. A little less flashy, but it got lookers.)

That's pretty much it. You'll notice the left side of my booth was made famous (ha!) by Ben Sumner. If you like my banner and want one of your own, check out the Branded Butterfly for lots of cool, personalized stuff. And yes, I am wearing red sparkly shoes. Why wouldn't I?

Catch you all again soon!

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