Monday, May 5, 2008

Stormy Designs!

I'm very late to do this feature, but I'm doing it. That counts, right? Anyway, as a member of EtsyBloggers, we're supposed to write a monthly feature on the selected Blogger of the Month. I was a bad, bad team member until recently, so I'm just now doing a write-up of the lovely and talented Stormy Designs, a very helpful team member and talented Etsian, who won for the month of April. Look for May's winner soon.

Stormy Designs creates lovely jewelry and other accessories largely using polymer clay. Her store features an array of handmade items, as well as a few vintage pieces. The items of hers that really catch my eye are cuff bracelets made using polymer clay, with some attached to a metal backing. Her designs are intricate, unique, and not something I expected to be made of clay. Check out her Faux Glitter Stone Textured Cuff Bracelet.

Stormy Designs is also a dedicated blogger and participant of the team. She keeps things rolling and us crazy team members on task for the weekly Blog Carnival. She showed grace and resilience in the wake of this past weekend's Blog-Carnival-submission-page downtime. Check out her blog to read about her life and creative process, and visit her Web site for more information.

Thanks for everything you do!

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