Friday, January 9, 2009

Creative outlet

I keep thinking I've hit a creative block lately, but I think the problem is actually motivation. I'm still worn out from November and December craft-show mania, and I've been very neglectful of my beads and wire. It's understandable, but it's not really acceptable. I vow to get back on the ball . . . really soon.

In the meantime, I've been getting ideas for new products -- non-jewelry ones, too. I think I've found an idea or two that will not interfere with CPSIA malarkey. I'd share, but I'd rather it be a surprise. Plus, if I change my mind, I don't want to feel silly later. :)

In addition, I've recently acquired (i.e. spent too much Christmas money on) Rock Band 2. My boyfriend stumbled upon (see previous description) a PlayStation 3, and this was the only game I cared to purchase, I mean, obtain. I cannot confess to having spent so much money on something so silly. I've been learning to rock out with the best of them, mostly by singing. I am no accomplished vocalist in real life, but as lead singer of the very awesome band Flight Risk (tee hee), I enjoy assailing the world with my flat notes. Though I haven't created anything -- even any beautiful music -- I'm having a wonderful time letting it all out in an artistic (well, sorta) outlet.

All that said, I will get back on track and start posting fun craft projects SOON. I promise. No really, I mean it!

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