Friday, January 16, 2009

Dun dun DUN . . . TAXES!

One of the topics for the current EtsyBloggers blog carnival is how we're doing our business taxes.

Ahhh taxes. Well, this will be my first year to do them. I didn't become a licensed, sales-tax-collecting entity until March of last year. To be honest, I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm sure I haven't kept adequate records and receipts. In fact, I know I haven't saved soooo many receipts. I have records of all my sales, but my expenditures are a little iffy. Oy. However, I'll still be doing them myself unless I totally freak out. I have some friends -- you know who you are! -- whom I will bug if need be. I plan to get started soon, too, so I have plenty of time to screw it up, fix it, and then screw it up some more. :)

I will have a fun craft update on Monday -- I promise! I've been crocheting and making some scrubs. I can't wait to share them.


NICO Designs said...

Taxes can be rough so best of luck!

storybeader said...

Hi Brigid! Somebody told me, don't worry about all the receipts for the CPA, but I need HER to tell me what to do! First business year for me too!

Love the look of your banner!

Shell Mitchell said...

Good luck! Glad to hear you have "advisors" on the back burner in case you run into trouble!

Jen said...

First time for me, too! Here's wishing luck for both of us!!!

maryeb said...

LOL, you sound like me.
Taxes, Yikes. I'm glad to know I'm not alone.
Feeling so clueless.

Patti said...

It is daunting...good thing you have a good outlook and good friends!

Vanessa said...

Good luck!!

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