Monday, January 26, 2009


I crocheted three more washcloth prototypes during a Gilmore Girls season 1 marathon yesterday. (I am one wild and crazy girl!) Here are the results:

This is a shell pattern using a lovely, Valentine-colored yarn. I like the results but don't love them. I need to work on consistency with my stitches. Obviously, the edging didn't come out so clean on this one, so I think I'll keep it to try out. I'm curious to discover how the different stitches feel on the skin.

Here is another experiment, crocheted mostly in the round with the exception of the green patch in the middle. I like that it's small and looks a bit like a Barbie rug. Anyway, I'm really digging the lemon-lime combination. Plus, this is just palm-sized, so it would be easy to use in applying a body scrub. Hmm . . .

Yep, more yellow-and-greeny goodness. The colors make me think of spring, thereby distracting me from the hideous iciness awaiting me outside. Anyway, this was a definite experiment, but I love the way it turned out. I crocheted with two pieces of yarn at a time, which makes the whole thing feel thicker and softer. I will definitely make more of these since I'm not sure this one can be pried from my cold, dead hands!

Silly me forgot to take pictures of the other washcloths I made for Jessie's baby shower, but the dear lass did include them in this blog post. (The gal in the fuchsia sweater is me, too, and I'm responsible for bubblegum baby blob #18.) I'm glad you like them, ma'am! The green is my favorite, too. If it weren't a copyrighted pattern, I'd try selling them.

It's now time for me to ignore how completely horrifying the drive home will be tonight. The temperature hasn't passed 27 degrees today, and it's been drizzling since 11:00 this morning. We're not expected to see temperatures above freezing until Wednesday, if we're lucky. Yikes! I'm glad I have cookie bars (recipe coming soon) and crochet projects to keep me busy tonight!


this20sgirl said...

How does one crochet a shell pattern?

Hollyrocks said...

You may not LOVE the shell-patterned washcloth, but I DO!! I think it's fabulous, and you did a great job. The barbie rug is pretty awesome too, and the colors give it a bit of a retro look. Whenever you get the time, you ought to make an etsy listing with a set of maybe 3 or so of your washcloths and I will totally buy it. You're probably sick of hearing about how much I want to buy some of those, lol.

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