Thursday, January 29, 2009

Iced in

(Icecicles hanging from the covered parking in my apartment complex. I really wish I had paid for a spot!)

Or maybe I was actually stalled out? Anyway, I got ready for work yesterday -- ate breakfast, showered, got dressed -- despite a headache and upset stomach. I declared it a no-make-up day, though, because of the aforementioned ailments. Though I felt slightly better than crap, I wasn't in the mood to make the treachurous drive in. Lo! and behold: my car wouldn't start. Apparently, Esmee is sensitive to the cold. Yeah, well, her and me both. I called my boss to let him know what was up, so he emailed me the project I needed to finish, and I did my best to work from home. I put in about two hours of production time and spent the rest of the day on the couch crocheting, eating, and watching season 1 of Gilmore Girls. The result:

Yep, this is a potholder -- one very much in need of blocking. Anyway, see the cute little loop? I like to hang mine from a hook. Well, I did until we moved and are now hookless. Tragic. I love the fun pattern on it!

This could also be a potholder, but I made it to be a scrubbie. It also has a fancy-schmancy loop to hang from a hook in your kitchen or bathroom. I used a super-magical-secret pattern to make the surface scrubbier than a standar single or double crochet. I totally love the marriage of the green and the white. It's so crisp.

I like the fun yellow of this washcloth. It's like sunshine in your shower! I used a V stitch here.

And last but not least, another washcloth. I just went for a random pattern using three colors. I think it's fun and festive.

That's all of those I'll inflict on ya for a while. I'm back in the office today, though my car didn't start once again. My love brought me to work, thankfully. This means I'll be stuck here until 6:00, when he leaves, but at least I didn't have to use an annual leave day.

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