Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter blues

I was hoping to pop in first thing today to show off pictures of the green goodies scored during weekend plant festivities. I did get about half the stuff I planned to on Saturday, but Sunday brought a roadblock to completion. My grandmother is in the hospital. She's the healthiest person I know, and you'd never guess she has almost 78 years under her belt. The good news is that her condition isn't that bad. She called my dad complaining of chest pains and difficulty breathing, so he drove to Muskogee and brought her to a hospital in Tulsa. After they put her on oxygen, her breathing regulated. She's experiencing something called atrial difibrillationg, which basically means the bottom part of her heart is beating normally, but the top is beating too fast. They have her on blood thinners so the problem will work itself out. The afib is causing congestive heart symptoms but not failure. She's also having some kidney problems, but I don't really know the extent of them at this point. In a few minutes, I'm taking a long lunch to visit her in the hospital. She sounded fine on the phone last night, but she's my grandmother, so of course I have to see her. If nothing else, she's not in town that often. :)

So instead of eating copious amounts of chocolate and replanting my herbs and veggies, I was worried yesterday for obvious reasons. She's the greatest lady, and Easter is probably her favorite holiday after Christmas. Though I don't subscribe to the same religious beliefs as her, I used to visit her every year on Easter weekend. I was feeling guilty for not going this year, and then this happened. I know the two are unrelated, but it is a bit jarring.

Anyway, I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend, and I'll update soon with Meemaw news (including the funny story behind why I call her that) and crafty/garden goodness!

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dody said...

i hope your meemaw is much better soon and out of the hospital.

dody :)

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