Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday

This entry is coming to you from the past. I wish it was the future, because that sounds much cooler. Anyway, at the moment you read this, I'll be internet-free in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I find these posts really uplifting, though, so I wanted to make sure to write one before my departure. So, these are three things I expect to be thankful for tomorrow, er today. Whatever.

1. Vacation!!!! How could I not say this? I love traveling, I love time off work, and when they combine, they form a harmonious, divine convergence.

2. No checked luggage. I have my quart-sized, ziptop bag of liquids and as little as I think I'll need. Overpacking is only fun once the stuff's in the hotel. Lugging crap through the airport -- and waiting for it to rotate on those delightful conveyer belts upon arrival -- is cazzato.

3. Sunshine. We've been dark and rainy around here lately, so I expect to be enjoying one of the 300 days of sunshine Santa Fe has every year. My migrained head needs the break.

That's my three for "today." I wish you were all on vacation, too! I hope your weekend is lovely wherever you are. I'll check in again Monday.

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Heather said...

well, Im sure that this moment you're having the time of your life! Lucky! I bet New Mexico is amazing. See you soon though!~

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