Friday, April 24, 2009

My dream studio

The EtsyBloggers topic I chose for this carnival is all about my dream studio. ::sigh:: I'm one of those gals who keeps all her supplies mostly in shoeboxes and wherever else I can shove them. We have a second bedroom in the apartment that is supposed to be a studio/office, but until the past couple of weeks, it's been primarily a storage area. We finally started getting down to business -- a year after moving in! -- to get more things unpacked or thrown away, as the case may be. I have no delusions that my space will ever be a picture-perfect work area, but I vow to have a real studio some day.

I'd want a desk like this:
My craft room
(Photo courtesy of MayaLee.)

Shelves like these for my books and magazines:

organized bookshelf

(Photo courtesy of Laurie :: Liquid Paper.)

A great bulletin board full of inspiration like this:
Inspiration Board
(Photo courtesy of Cathe Holden.)
An amazing color scheme:
Ikea Shelves, Glass, LIghting, Paint - South Wall
(Photo courtesy of Crafty Intentions.)
And, of course, lots of bead storage:
My desk upgrade!
(Photo courtesy of freshie & zero.)
It would all come together in a brightly colored amalgamation of vintage, kitschy and modern. I'd put a little cot on the floor and never leave! :) Oh, and of course, it would come complete with my hairball:

And heck, since I'm dreaming here, maybe even one of these, too:

black pug Pictures, Images and Photos


Hollyrocks said...

Girl, you've got the right idea. I think I'll join in your craft room fantasy. I'd like mine to have a fireplace, so I could create by the light of a warm fire on a chilly night.

Great photo finds, by the way. Those brightened my day right up!

Funkybella said...

I'm right with you on the dream craft room! Love those pics!
I'm trying to get mine organized, but the hubby keeps reversing all my progress.

And cheers for the pug; they are awesome!

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