Sunday, April 26, 2009

Seeing green

Brigid Brigid, happy and fulgid, how does your garden grow? Quite well, it seems!

As you can see, I haven't killed anything yet! In fact, everything is getting bigger and brighter. A few days ago, I tied my cherry tomato plant to its trellis with some  leftover pillowcase fabric from the skirt I made. Check out all the snapdragons! I also seem to be revitalizing the parsley (on the right). And -- wait, what are those tiny sprouts I see?

Little radish plants! Five poked through, but I had to thin one out. Look how perfect they are.

They're reaching for the sky. I can just hear the "ehn! ehn!" sounds.

Over on the far left, I today spied another new friend.

A teeny lettuce friend to be. Oh little sprout, how delicious you shall become.

If you let your eye migrate upward, you'll see the pièce de résistance:

It's a baby tomato! I am so proud of this little guy. In fact, after I first discovered him, I had a nightmare that he was taken from me. I know how sad it is to become so attached to a plant, but I'll admit that I have. I can't wait to eat him. :)

And all the while I was snapping photos of my little urban jungle, I had the feeling I was being watched.

Extreme close-up:

Gladys Kravitz ain't got nothing on my little mutt.


Offlogic said...

Glad to see you site (and your garden) growing! Thinning out is the hardest thing to do, akin to triage in a disaster situation (but without the emotional commitment).

Hollyrocks said...

I think little baby plants are just adorable. Especially the tiny radishes! Your pup is cracking me up, my cats do the same thing when I'm out on my balcony. There's a chair they climb onto, but all you can see is their head peaking through, which gives the appearance of a 4-foot-tall cat peeking at me.

[Tara] said...

This makes me want to plant something!! I really want to grow peonies, but I have no idea if they can be grown in a pot...I am home most weeknights; I get off around 5 usually. Just give me a ring on my cell or text me...918-813-6914. If the boots fit and you like them, I will give you a deal!

Estela said...

beautiful little garden!!
That doggie is hilarious!!

momof3girls said...

your garden looks fab! Your pup is so cute - what kinda of doggy is he??

Anonymous said...

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